COVID-19 Testing Information

If you or your employees feel they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are experiencing similar symptoms you should follow the safety guidelines of your workplace and recommend they talk with a medical professional to authorize a COVID-19 test.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccinations are being tested and we expect the federal government to mandate that insurance carriers cover the COVID-19 vaccine similarly to the annual flu shot.  

Your Business Benefits team will stay on top of any and all new COVID-19 related medical coverage information to ensure you have access to any new details and updates.  Although the future is uncertain, we recommend that you continue to follow the precautions recommended by medical professionals until we have an effective vaccine.

Take advantage of Telemedicine for remote consultations during COVID-19

Telemedicine has increased in popularity over the past several years, but in this day and age of taking extra safety precautions, social distancing, and the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine is more essential than ever.

Telemedicine and COVID-19
COVID-19 and Health Insurance Benefits

COVID-19 information and resources from our Carriers

A majority of our carriers have specific information regarding COVID-19. View the full list to learn more.

Ask us your COVID-19 Questions

If you are in need of more specific information about how your health insurance carrier is covering COVID-19 related claims, give us a call.